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Kuipers, Elizabeth Principal
Williams, Jason Assistant Principal
Duff, Stephanie Chief Financial Officer

Arnold, JoAnna Foreign Language (Dean, Bridges)
Bailey, Cate Art Education
Bailey, Robert HS Science (Dean)
Brewer, Rebecca 3rd Grade
Butler, Mandy 1st Grade (Dean, Kindergarten and 1st Grade)
Campbell, Jackie ESOL Education
Ciani, Leigh 3rd Grade
Cole, Elizabeth MS Math
Cuff, Tammy Physical Education
Daughety, John HS Mathematics
Dukes, Cadie 2nd Grade (Dean, Grades 2 & 3)
Gerlach, Laura 4th Grade (Dean, Grades 4 & 5)
Gleeson, Jenny 1st Grade
Head, Carlee Special Education
Hill, Steve Scholar Support
Hobbs, Keisha 5th Grade
Kicklighter, Kelsey Media Specialist
Kinney, Beth MS & HS Special Education
Martinez, Rachael 4th Grade
Moore, Brent MS Science
Mournighan, Kevin HS Social Studies
Noler, Liz HS ELA / Yearbook
Parks, Judy Music Education
Patterson, Tiffany Kindergarten
Powe, Elizabeth MS Social Studies
Scott, Julie Kindergarten
Tanner, Sundai MS ELA
Umpleby, Christie 1st Grade
Umpleby, Jay Physical Education / Health
Walker, Mariah 2nd Grade
Waters, Misty 2nd Grade
Weiss, Becky Kindergarten
Westbrook, Michelle Speech Language Pathologist
Wicker, Jeremy 5th Grade
Williams, Natasha Gifted Education

Cannon, Wayne Maintenance
Carter, Allison Secretary
Downs, Connie Counselor
Hill, Steve Scholar Support
Jackson, CDM, CFPP, Larry Nutrition
Purrier, Kim Manager/Registrar
Tyler, Paul Facilities Manager

Webmaster, Furlow